COVID-19: the mask will be mandatory for those traveling by plane to Canada

OTTAWA April 17th 2020 | All those who will fly to Canada will be required to wear a non-medical mask or face and nose cover while traveling on Monday.

This new measure announced Friday by the Ministry of Transport aims to counter the spread of the new coronavirus in the country.

Travelers will be required to cover their noses and mouths at Canadian airport checkpoints, in situations where it is impossible to keep two meters away from other people, and at the request of air carriers, authorities or officials public health.

Travelers departing from or arriving at a Canadian airport will be required to show their non-medical masks or face covers at the time of boarding. If they are not in possession of the accessory, they will not be able to continue their journeys.

Regarding maritime transport, travelers will be invited to wear masks or face covers as much as possible, without however having the obligation.

Passengers traveling by train, bus or coach will also be strongly encouraged to do so.

“Canadians should continue to follow public health recommendations and stay home if possible,” said Transport Minister Marc Garneau, in a news release.

“However, if you have to travel, wearing a face covering is another measure you can take to protect those around you, especially when the physical distance guidelines cannot be met,” a he added.

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